Our story

Founded in 2019 by Camila Wilde, Moody & Co. is a woman-run jewelry brand in Bellingham, WA.

With a background in fine art, she struggled to find joy in the process of making her way in the art gallery scene. She whimsically discovered the ancient craft of bead weaving in an effort to break free from the sterility of the fine art world. After this newfound passion, she has since made it her mission to make accessible wearable art to all the babes with a "IDGAF" attitude.

Moody & Co. is inspired by our complexities, our shifting moods, and our unapologetic sassing back. We believe we owe it to ourselves to be upfront about what we feel. Moody & Co. is for the bitchin' rebels, for the babes who can't be told to smile, for those of us who wear our moods on our sleeve.

Moody & Co. beaded earrings are woven by hand with glass beads, a needle, and wax coated string. Some styles including the limited edition Sonia are carefully made with salvaged vintage glass beads. Ethically and sustainably sourced, our beaded jewelry is handmade with the highest quality materials.  

You are what you feel.

Moody & Co.

Read more about Camila here.