Ask Camila anything!

Hi ya'll! We all live in a time right now where connection is more important than ever and many of us are struggling with the gamut of life's problems on an exponential level. From roommates, to partners, to money, I gotchu... let's talk about it! I have many orders to weave from the last drop (many, many thanks!) and would love to reboot my Instagram Live advice column I had back in the days before beading. No question is off-limits! If you would like to remain anonymous, please input a pen name and random email in the sections. The email is untraceable and only required for reference if I were to contact back. Live advice TBA.

My areas of specialty are beading, crafts (ceramics, painting, drawing), fine art, money, relationships (most styles, I'm a very open book and a rich relationship history, cooking, career paths, branding, self-advocation and so much more.

Disclaimer: Camila Wilde isn't liable any advice she gives or your actions. Love ya'll be safe!