Collaboration with Sarah Richardson

Moody & Co. is excited to collaborate with Bellingham-based product photographer, Sarah Richardson. Her minimal and stylized approach to showcasing Moody & Co. fast food series made for a stunning and super vivid photo gallery, all the while utilizing local food as props from Fat Shack and Haggen Grocery.

Models featured are Atara Young in Pizza earrings, Samantha Sanow in French Fry earrings, and Riley Keown in Burger earrings. 

Read more about Sarah's work and contact her for project inquiries at and @sarahrichardsonphoto on Instagram.

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Pizza earrings made of beads next to Haggen pizzabeaded pizza earrings on white and red background
Moody and Co on Atara Young wearing pizza earringsAtara Young modeling pizza earrings by Moody and Co


dipping fries into ketchup with pizza beaded earringsMoody and Co. French fry earrings with Fat Shack friesBellingham Fat Shack with Moody and Co. fries and cheeseburger earringsBellingham Fat Shack fries with Moody and Co. earrings
Bellingham model wearing Moody and Co. earrings and eating friesBellingham model in Moody and Co. beaded earrings eating Fat Shack fries



Fat Shack burger with Moody and Co. beaded earringsFat Shack burger with Moody and Co. jewelry
Bellingham model wearing Moody and Co. burger earringsBellingham Moody and Co. on a model
Fat Shack burger with Moody and Co. handmade jewelry